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eokuyama, 弁護士
カテゴリ: アメリカの法律
満足したユーザー: 161
経験:  NY州弁護士。米国公認会計士。監査法人、弁護士事務所を経て、現在、Ladas & Parry LLP(知的財産法)のOf Counsel。また、個人で、日本語で、気軽に、相談できる、アメリカ法全般、ビジネス・ロー全般を扱う事務所を経営している。
ここに アメリカの法律 に関する質問を入力してください。




今後は是非ご注意を頂きたいのですが、GCがExpireしていることは、決して、Legal Permanent ResidentのStatusを失うことではありません。180日以上外国にいたうえでExpired GCで入国は難しいですが、2週間でしたら、大丈夫です。

通常は大使館でTransportation LetterをもらわないとExpired GCでは帰国できませんが、180日以内では大丈夫です。


質問者: 返答済み 4 年 前.



Airlineの確認のObligationは、GCがあるかどうか?その次は有効かどうか?失効してもTranstional Letterが必要とされる180日を超えていなければAirlineには搭乗を拒否する理由はありません。

以下、US EmbassyのFAQページからの引用です。最後から2段落目をご覧ください。奥山

International Travel

U.S. immigration law assumes that a person admitted to the United States as an immigrant will live in the United States permanently. Remaining outside the U.S. for more than 12 months may result in the loss of your legal permanent resident status and your green card may be taken away.

U.S. Government personnel (military and direct-hire civil service employees) and their spouses and minor children who hold legal resident status in the United States may remain outside of the United States for the duration of an official overseas assignment, plus four months, without losing their immigrant status. All other immigrants who hold U.S. resident status and reside out of the United States for more than 12 months without prior approval from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS, formerly INS) must obtain a new immigrant visa to return to the United States. Prior approval from USCIS consists of a re-entry permit which can only be applied for in the United States. The holder of a USCIS re-entry permit may remain outside of the United States up to 24 months. For more details on applying for a re-entry permit please visit the USCIS website.

A former immigrant who has lost U.S. resident status and desires to return to the United States as an immigrant must obtain a new immigrant visa based on either a new, approved immigrant petition or qualify for returning resident status. A U.S. relative (spouse, parent, adult offspring or sibling) or your U.S. employer may file an immigrant petition on your behalf in the normal manner. Information on the various types of immigrant and employment based petitions are contained elsewhere in this website.

The second way is for the immigrant to apply for returning resident status. An application for returning resident status requires evidence of 1) the applicant's continuing, unbroken ties to the United States, 2) that their stay outside the United States was truly beyond the applicant's control and 3) that the intent of the applicant was to always return to the United States. Evidence may consist of continuous compliance with U.S. tax law, ownership of property and assets in the United States and maintenance of U.S. licenses and memberships. Having U.S. relatives, attending school overseas or stating an intent to return is generally insufficient. You must show proof.

Expired/Expiring green card

If your green card has expired or is expiring, please read the notice below:

A carrier notification letter was issued on September 13, 1999, notifying all air carriers that they should permit boarding to any bona fide U.S. Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) in possession of an expired I-551 with a 10-year expiration date, if the expiration date on the card is the only reason that the LPR would otherwise not be boarded.

Carriers also were informed that this policy does not affect the Conditional Permanent Resident in possession of a Form I-551 with a 2-year expiration date. The Conditional Permanent Resident in possession of an expired Form I-551 must continue to have evidence that the Form I-551 expiration date has been extended.

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