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uslawyer2004, 弁護士
カテゴリ: アメリカの法律
満足したユーザー: 215
経験:  ワシントン州及びハワイ州弁護士。シアトル空港近くにて、同じく弁護士の夫と法律事務所を共同経営。元検事。法務博士(Juris Doctor)。William Mitchell College of Law及び同志社大学卒業。
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I have been stalked and gotten harassment by anonymous hate


I have been stalked and gotten harassment by anonymous hate group since l filed my divorce in 2010.

but I realized I've been stalked for a long time ago.

I have run away to Japan, however, the things are getting horrible.
since my children switched to their copies while their visitation,
their behavior and looks different.
I believed I could get them back to real ones, if I accepted unfair condition final decree.
which I abandoned my all rights and condition for supports and division.

however,they don't stop violence, intimidation using my children who were under controlled by mind controler. they started to ruin children's life as if they go crazy. Kids are human crone controlled like robotomy. I don't know what to do. I saw the Internet about Group stalkers. just like them, and more worse, sly and cruel. please let me know how to stop and arrest them.
投稿: 4 年 前.
カテゴリ: アメリカの法律

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