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uslawyer2004, 弁護士
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I purchased 2x cashmere leggings $59 each total of $118 plus


I purchased 2x cashmere leggings $59 each total of $118 plus tax. on 2/25/13. Leggings are defective items because extreme lints came off to my pants, floor and everywhere in my house. I returned today, but store said, can not accepted because "store policy". In the store, there was sign said, " no refund " and on receipt as well. I called credit card, they said, " can do anything because store policy "
I left leggings at the store. What to do?

Hi, there.

You can try filing a consumer complaint at New York State Attorney General's Office.


質問者: 返答済み 5 年 前.
That takes time forever. Is credit card co. Can not do anything rather than saying " store policy, no refund "? This is defective item.

Here are other ways I can think of.

1. Ask the store for exchange, not refund. This may be difficult because you left the
item with the store and did not bring them back with you.

2. Ask the store for store credit if the store does not have the same items.

3. Write to the credit card company following their procedure regarding unauthorized transaction. Include any written evidence that your item was defective and that you already contacted the store.

Filing a consumer complaint with Attorney General's Office may still help your case.It shows more strongly that your claim is genuine than verbal statement over tha phone. Also, because you no longer have the defective item with you, you might want other evidence that shows to some extent that the item was defective and that your claim was genuine. Keep a copy of the complaint so that you can show it to others including the credit card company when you negotiate possible remedy for you. In other words, my suggestion is to file a consumer complaint without expecting too much the Attorney General's Office to solve your problem but to file it in order to assist your negotiation for possible remedy.

質問者: 返答済み 5 年 前.
I called 311 ans reported consumer complain is that you are talking about? They said, call them back after 4 days.

No, but it is good that you called them, too. You can also try calling them back in 4 days as they instructed you.

What I am talking is another thing you can do. Attorney General's Office is a different entity. I gave you the deep link in my first response, but here I do so again.



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