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Japavet, 獣医師
カテゴリ: ペット
満足したユーザー: 6511
経験:  獣医師
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I have a three year old cat and want to take a dog into the


I have a three year old cat and want to take a dog into the family; which breeds, in general, might be most amenable to living with a cat? Among Welsh Corgi, Beagle and Shiba-ken, which of the three do you think might stand the best chance of getting along with our three year old cat?
投稿: 6 年 前.
カテゴリ: ペット
専門家:  Japavet 返答済み 6 年 前.
I think it's depend on the character of the cat.
If the cat is friendly and like to play with others, I recomend Beagle.Beagle have very friendly and cheerful character, so I think Beagle is better to get along with others.
Welsh Corgi have similar character as Beagle, so it may not be going to matter, I think.
Shiba-ken have most difficult character but the loyalest to the owner.
If the cat likes to play by himself(herself), Shiba is better because other 2 breeds like to play with others and that can be annoying to the cat.

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