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猫山司, メディカルアドバイザー
カテゴリ: 精神科
満足したユーザー: 14416
経験:  医師。国立大学医学部卒業後、臨床と研究に10数年間従事
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Dear my mean psychiatrist, Would you give me your advise


Dear my mean psychiatrist,

Would you give me your advise about the amount of Xanax I should take. Last evening I took 1 tablet(0.50mg) before going bed around 11.00am, but I woke up 2.30am as I couldn't breathe much.(Not so disgusting serious sympXXXXX XXXXXke previous time) Then, couldn't fall in sleep anymore. J Dr gave me the medicine by taking 3 times a day, but I wonder if I can take 3 tablets at once before going bed tonight ....Hope you have lovely new years eve!
3 times a day is typical recipe for Xanax in Japan.
But I don't reccomend you to take 3tablets once. Half life of xanax is 14hrs. So, 3 times a day would cover whole day, theoretically.

In the case of you, my dear client, it might be helpful to take 2 tablets at once before you go to bed.
There is 0.8mg tablet exists in Japan (maybe 1.0 mg in the UK). It would help you sleep better, nad prevent sleep attack.
質問者: 返答済み 6 年 前.
Thanks for your kind advice. Now we're on the way to Reims to get make a pledge for 2012 Champaign . I know, don't worry I'll refrain tasting those with Xanax.

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