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猫山司, メディカルアドバイザー
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A french chemist refused selling St J wort to a pregnant woman....What


A french chemist refused selling St J wort to a pregnant woman....What a hell !
It might not be surprising.

In some EU countires, St J wort is considered to be a kind of medicine. As I mentioned previously, it has similar mode of action to that of some antidepressants.

Judging from the information from you so far, it seems to be basic attitude of physicians and pharmacists not to give any medicine to pregnant wemen.

Do you have the rest of citalopram and Xanax now?
Are you experiencing withdrawal symptoms of them?

I'm afraid, it's time fo me to go to bed.
I'd like to talk to you later.
質問者: 返答済み 6 年 前.
Yes, I've brought everything with me .
I don't know if it's withdrawal symptom, but I have very strong headache. Maybe it's from long time driving + sea sick on ferry...can I take some aspirin now ? Even aspirin is not allowed for me here?!....
Good morning and Merry X'mas.

I believe aspirin is...OK.
It is categorized as "D" in FDA pregnancy Risk categories. As-needed use of it would not be so problomatic.
But if you can get Acetaminophen=Paracetamol, it is far better. It is class "B" medicine.
  • Controlled studies done on animals in reproduction do not indicate risk to the fetus.
  • No adequate and well-controlled studies done on pregnant women.
If you have PC with you, you could use the following Website,

By entering a name of medicine, you can know the pregnancy risk of it.

If you don't have withdrawal symptopms like you experienced when you stopped citalopram the first time, you don't have to take it now.
But as-needed use of Xanax for hyperventilation might be necessary.
質問者: 返答済み 6 年 前.
Dearest my psychiatrist,
Merry Christmas to you , too.
Without Aspirin, I went to bed last evening, but could sleep through. This morning I feel fine. But, today we have to drive another five hours..Business party season was over, but now I feeL more hectic showing big smile to relatives, especially French side..... Maybe ,my trend line is getting down again ? Without medicine, do you think I can control myself ? I really like to write in Japanese, but at the moment my USB device doesn't work here. But, I know I can use my pc, then I'll bother you again later on.
A Positive side of pregnacy on psychiatric symptoms is, that hormone balance during pregnancy works to protect mothers' brain, and stabilize them.

So you could expaect some improvement of your depresive symptoms without medicine.

I'm looking forward to getting your message written in Japanese.

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