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docmmart, ER救急医 准教授
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My Medical Questions 1. My Japanese wife Akiko, whos


My Medical Questions 1. My Japanese wife Akiko, who's 46, will next month, on Feb 9 -- have an operation for some tumours in her womb. She has a big tumour in her womb, also some small tumours in her womb. Her doctor will take her womb right out, as he said that's the easier way to fix the problem. The tumours I understand, are n't serious, as they are n't spreading through her body. She has no pain or discomfort from the tumours. She's able to do all her everyday things, no problem. So my questions are:(a)Is such surgery the only method that doctors use for this problem? (b)Are there drugs or particular foods/drinks --- that are effective in shrinking the size of such tumours - or even eradicating such tumours?
I am a medical doctor who works in the USA.
I work in the emergency room and deal with a lot of female issues as well.

Does she have uterine fibroids?
If so, how big are they? Is it bigger than a grapefruit?

My understanding is that she is not bothered by having a tumor, correct?
I have waited for your response, but I will write my opinion regarding your questions.

I will assume they are uterine fibroids.

There are several options regarding uterine fibroid treatment.
If she has very heavy menstrual bleeding or pain, I would recommend surgery, which has several options, including hysterectomy (depending on the size and location of the fibroids).

If she has no symptoms at all, I would recommend "watchful waiting".
She needs to be checked by her gynecologist every 6 months or so.
She is premenopausal (soon to start menopause).
The average age for menopause is around 51 years old.

When she starts menopause, her fibroids will shrink naturally.

If the size of the fibroid is larger than a grapefruit it may start compressing the other abdominal organs.
In such a case she may require the surgery.

Any other questions?


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