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uslawyer2004, 専門家
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経験:  弁護士(米国)及び調停人。シアトル近郊で法律事務所経営。元検事。William Mitchell College of Law及び同志社大学卒業。

My 3rd question today: A question about international business


My 3rd question today: A question about international business law

I sold some goods to a Vietnamese customer 3 years ago. The contract was a perfect one, without any problem on our part. There was no claim or dispute of any nature either. The problem is the buyer did not have money to pay us. The sale was on credit which was supposed to be paid for about 3 months after receiving the cargo. But they have never paid us. The company belongs to the Ministry Commerce and Industry of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. They sent us letters recognizing the debt, promising to pay us, but now after almost 3 years, they seem to be ignoring our request for payment. Is there any way you can help us get it back? The total amount now, about USD350, 000 in original debt and contractual penalty for delayed payment amounting to more than 2 millions USD. Do you have a way to use international pressure to press the Vietnamese government to ask the Ministry to ask its company to pay us?
投稿: 4 年 前.
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