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houmu, 行政書士
カテゴリ: 刑事告訴・告発
満足したユーザー: 41
経験:  行政書士 知的財産修士 2級FP技能士
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I have a second grade mental disability, in response to the country of assistance, we ask them to clean the house helper's. On March 8, 2014, it was met with theft of ¥ 620,000 at home. That day is a Saturday, but was the day that you get to come to the normal helper's, because there was a plan to go to the dentist to 12:30, I was put in advance otherwise specified phone. However, for us it was not done, the helper who came to 11:30. And I think that even bad get back, and say I have a dentist of reservation to 12:30, So it is possible that you return at 12:15, I had to clean. Immediately after that, looking at the bag, ¥ 620,000 had lost each envelope of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation. My house watch will sound music every hour. Morning sounds 10 am music, I have to confirm that once again ¥ 10,000 bills is 62 sheets. The helper's subsequent 11:30 (named xxxxxx Hideki) does not come to anyone other than the house. And, immediately after he went back, I noticed that there is no money. Immediately, I had to contact the helper's company. Then, March 14 (Thursday) woman named east of responsible to is, come to my house with another woman, whether or not there is an envelope of cash into, but was looking for a house, it was not. We have issued a damage report to the nearest Konohana police station the next day March 15 (Friday). Taking March 25 to Tuesday, the annual leave, where it received a free legal consultation in Konohana ward office, now it has been said to be would be no choice but to wait for the progress of the police investigation. However, issue a damage report, it will be five months a year in today. Tanaka helper, all the way to come to clean my house, was the relationship to talk anything. Also it has been Yes talking to undergo implant surgery. It implant is an expensive medical treatment is a well-known fact. In addition, Tanaka helper heard that it is that the day going to the dentist, should I could easily guess that has a high of money. He, only helper of salary, in economically painful, it was a night of part-time job. On the day, because it was not scheduled to helper's coming, containing a bag of money, place on the table, zipper is open, was the envelope looks situation in. I do not think only with Tanaka helper worked theft. People who are in a position to be the support of persons with disabilities, to have such a thing, I remember the anger. Police, I do not think so have a sufficient investigation. I would not but be reluctant concession?

投稿: 2 年 前.
カテゴリ: 刑事告訴・告発

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