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houmu, 行政書士
カテゴリ: 刑事告訴・告発
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経験:  行政書士 知的財産修士 2級FP技能士
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Eigo wo onegaishimasu. I am American, living in America.


Eigo wo onegaishimasu.

I am American, living in America. This question is partly about a potential cybersex complaint and partly about Japanese Immigration. A few years ago, I had an online relationship with a woman in Japan for more than year. I was planning to go there, visit, and possibly move there. It ended badly and she threatened to give police my name and an embarrassing picture she took of me with her cell phone from a video chat. She probably did not after all and eventually we broke off communication. Fast forward a few years to today. Since that episode, I have travelled there at least twice without any immigration/legal problem whatsoever. Now, I am planning to move there after all and I'm worried that this incident is on some sort of record somewhere that Immigration might use. I have to go through the immigration/visa process and they want to know if I have a criminal record in Japan or anywhere else. I do not. But, I just want to be sure.

1. Is/was cybersex a crime in Japan for two adults? I can't find anything on the web except for offenses involving minors. (It was about 6 years ago, if it's relevant)

2. Japanese is very strict. If I've passed through Japanese Immigration as a visitor a few times since then, is it safe to say that there are no warrants, criminal records, or anything like that to worry about? (I'm sure they would have detained me if there was some reason to do so.)

3. When Japanese Immigration reviews my application for my Certificate of Eligibility, can this issue somehow appear and affect my case?
投稿: 3 年 前.
カテゴリ: 刑事告訴・告発

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