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shihoushoshikun, 司法書士
カテゴリ: 借金・債務処理・破産
満足したユーザー: 62
経験:  東京司法書士会所属
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Please be so kind to send me your advice to this unfortunate


Please be so kind to send me your advice to this unfortunate affair. Our legal and registered residence is in a foreign country (J) on a permanent visa. In 2004, after retiring from employment, (25 years at the same company in J), we bought a vacation home on the Mariana Islands, CNMI, USA.Staing only short times. 8 years ago, we applied for a mortgage at a bank in the CNMI. The bank approved the mortgage at a 13 % interest rate. Now, I noticed several incorrect calculations by the Bank, the statements at Intr. and Prin. are not correct. I asked the bank to correct the statements. I did not a get a correction. Since last year I suffer from a serious heart disease. (Valvular heart disease). I have to go to stay in the hospital at my residential country (J) in and out and need to avoid any tough activities and bad events. Because of this poor health I was unable to repay the mortgage. I informed the bank and applied and paid for an emergency loan. No reply up to now. After several e-mail conversation with the attorney of the bank, I was informed that the bank has foreclosed at our vacation home in the CNMI and there is an Ad at the local newspaper about this foreclose at March 26. Even with a my pivat foto of our house I never puplished it and never aproved it. Maybe from my computer. But I am not in the CNMI and can not go yet because of the disease. I informed the Attorney of the bank with a registered letter and e-mail that I am serous ill and sent him a medical certificate, further I informed him that I was not aware beforehand that the Bank has foreclosed our house. I didn’t got a legal or official information and not a Default Judgment and Order. I asked the attorney to provide me with legal evidence that I have received official notices. He answered: Before the auction date his paralegal will copy all communications that he has sent to me about the auction. A summary of notes which he may has sent to me via e-mail is not a sufficient prove. I never received a registered letter from him, from the bank or from the court. I very much would appreciate any constructive advice how to handle this case. Thank you.

投稿: 3 年 前.
カテゴリ: 借金・債務処理・破産

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