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uslawyer2004, 弁護士
カテゴリ: アメリカの法律
満足したユーザー: 186
経験:  ワシントン州及びハワイ州弁護士。シアトル空港近くにて、同じく弁護士の夫と法律事務所を共同経営。元検事。法務博士(Juris Doctor)。William Mitchell College of Law及び同志社大学卒業。
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I e-mail in emergency from Japan. I continue suffer from the


I e-mail in emergency from Japan.
I continue suffer from the obstinate harassment of former husband more than 15 years.
He lives in Kings County.
I live in Japan.
Please advise me.
As I am not good at English, a sentence may not understand to you.
I write our process.
A former husband was very kind in Chinese lineage Americans and seemed to be gentle
He was still marrying, but got married after the birth of the son in August, 1997
I had an L-1 visa, but I applied for the right of permanent residence to bring up a child in the United States.
However, former husband violence and sexual harassment were found out in the daughters of my companion child to the target.
Former husband swatted her by hand and rubbed her head at the tip of the key.
And he seemed to be content to liken a banana to the sexual organs of oneself, and to do a strange dance in front of a daughter.
Because former husband was a hot-tempered person, the 5-year-old daughter has begun to feel fear for him.
As a former husband was the person who easily explodes at the slightest provocation, we seemed to live in hell.
He was hysteric and hot-tempered person and was the Jekyll and Hyde that a personality changed suddenly.
I decided a divorce to protect a children.
Even if I suffered physical and mental abuse by a husband, I was able to it patience children in the United States.
However, former husband canceled my right of permanent residence interview during divorce mediation without permission.
Furthermore, he had the sexual abuse to report without grounds to the educational institution of children that I was a prostitute.
I damaged honor publicly.
The record is left in Ivine high school California (orange county.)
The L-1 visa lapsed, too.
November 14, 1999, I lost all the residence statuses, and I did not have the choice except we go back to Japan with four children.
I was not able to lean a son on a person like him.
I continue to think that we were ousted from United States by the power of former husband.
We do not still become for regrets.
His thought is arbitrary and never thinks by a theory.
His thought and an action were always emotional, and his plan was practice suddenly.
His strong greed and aggressive self-indication cause various abuse
It is no longer only retaliation and a grudge.
And, the biggest menace, his retaliation and grudge do not have the end.
On January 18, 2000, his physical and mental harassment was practice again in Japan.
Lui entered Japan with two white men secretly.
The American consulate advised that it was not easy to bring back a child to them.
However, they ignored the instruction of an American consulate and the lawyer and ambushed me and a 2-year-old son and tailed us and added an assault suddenly.
Lui hit my face and pulled out my hair.
Still I hugged a son and did not separate it.
And he screamed to me. You do not have a qualification of mother. I am never defeated by a Japanese.
They were continuing swung to separate a son from me forcibly so that neck of the son was torn and his small body was flung the ground like a doll.
He dealt face and a body a heavy blow.
Because we were wounded, it have been transported by an ambulance by the report of the person from neighborhood.
He was surrounded by terrible face father and a big white man, and the small son was made to experience the fear that a body of oneself was torn up.
And he had a diagnosis of PTSD.
The son became 19 years old and entered the university.
When Lui knew the information of the son, he sent an illogical email to the son
In addition to physiotherapy and medical therapy, he was agonized for ten years repeating flashback.
Lui intended to subject a son in child support unpaid .
child support unpaid 33 months
If you want money, come to Hong Kong.!
Come to the United States!
It is all up to me.
If a son does not come, I cannot pay the child support.
Lui visits to Japan.
The court decision of Japan is listed like that.
In addition, as for me, mental pain continues for a mental harassment email by the persecution complex of Lui more than 15 years.
Lui knew that a son did therapy treatment by PTSD.
If father, he was read the report of a psychiatrist and the court appraiser.
However, Lui sent the photograph of the 2-year-old son by an attached email and forced a son to remember that time.
He let a son reproduce a fear experience.
It is never a permissible thing.
His pride do not be defeated by a Japanese
I want to protect a child from Lui.
I want to no longer injure a son.
I am determined not to hesitate to conduct the request of child support unpaid and the damages either.
The method to protect a son is only an American court.
Please help us.
What should we do?
Please tell me about our case.
I can show all it.
Medical certificate
Trial judgment
Email sentence
Thank you
投稿: 7 ヶ月 前.
カテゴリ: アメリカの法律
専門家:  uslawyer2004 返答済み 7 ヶ月 前.


http://www.nycbar.org/get-legal-help/ ニューヨーク市弁護士会弁護士紹介サービス

http://www.brooklynbar.org/lrs/ ブルックリン弁護士会弁護士紹介サービス

質問者: 返答済み 7 ヶ月 前.
多分、国務省ないしは保健社会福祉省(ハーグに関しては、連邦子供の養育費、 HHS 中央当局でプログラムしている)
September 30, 2014President Obama Signs ImplementingLegislation for the Hague Convention on the International Recovery of Child Support and Other Forms of Family Maintenance.The United States was the first country tosign the Convention in 2007. Protection of our most vulnerable citizens, our children, is fundamental to who we are.
We stick up for kids. We protect theinnocent. Every child deserves to be supported by both parents. We know that recovering child support when the child and one parent are in one country and the other parent is in another is difficult and too often impossible. The United States has a comprehensive system to establish, recognize and enforce domestic and international child support obligations. The Convention just requires that all treaty partners have similar systems in place and, as a result, more children in the United States and abroad will be receiving more support, more expeditiously than ever before.
専門家:  uslawyer2004 返答済み 7 ヶ月 前.


uslawyer2004, 弁護士
カテゴリ: アメリカの法律
満足したユーザー: 186
経験: ワシントン州及びハワイ州弁護士。シアトル空港近くにて、同じく弁護士の夫と法律事務所を共同経営。元検事。法務博士(Juris Doctor)。William Mitchell College of Law及び同志社大学卒業。


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